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3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1220, Orange, 457 mm x 23 m, 0.51 mm

  • 3M ID 70002020298

Orange, flexo plate mounting tape with air release feature

Air release feature prevents print defects by reducing air bubbles under print plate

Helps ensure proper plate registration

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  • Orange, flexo plate mounting tape with air release feature
  • Air release feature prevents print defects by reducing air bubbles under print plate
  • Helps ensure proper plate registration
  • Mounting tape removes cleanly from print cylinder
  • Easy Mount liner, has micro-channels in both adhesive surfaces. The crosshatched pattern allows air to escape from between the tape and cylinder/sleeve and between the tape and plate. The productivity is increased, total handling time is reduced and printing defects are eliminated

The 3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1220 is a 0.020 inch (0.51 mm) orange, double coated foam tape used in combination flexographic printing. This tape has an air release feature used to effectively mount flexographic print plates to print cylinders.

The 3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1220 provides high-quality, halftone and combination print. The adhesive applies easily and removes cleanly from the print plate and the print cylinder for easy set-up and removal. Applications High quality halftone and combination printing E-Series adhesive allows easy plate removal Wide web flexible packaging Combination flexographic printing Print plates Flexographic print plates Adhesion to print cylinders and sleeves Ease of Use This tape easily adheres to a print sleeve or cylinder allowing a printing plate to be mounted in different positions. Set up is simple; just clean your print plate according to the manufacturer recommendations followed by a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol-water. Wipe the plate dry with a clean cloth. Apply the plate mounting tape using even hand pressure or use a roller to ensure uniform contact to the cylinder or sleeve. Remove the release liner and apply print plate to the tape. Use a roller to apply pressure while rolling down the plate. Be sure to carefully roll down the leading and trailing edge of the plate. Similarly, removal is clean and easy. The print plate separates cleanly from the tape and the tape removes cleanly from the print sleeve or cylinder to keep operations running smoothly. Improving the Finished Product Some competitive tapes may leave bubbles or wrinkles which compromise a critical bond between the mounting tape and print plate or between the mounting tape and the sleeve. An air bubble will cause a print defect. Don’t take the risk of compromising the quality of your finished product. Our 3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1220 overcomes this problem with crosshatched grooves in the adhesive formed by the embossed release liner. Unlike flat or pebbled products, our E-series has unique micro-channels in the adhesive that allow air to escape from between the tape and the cylinder, or sleeve; and between the tape and the plate. Air bubbles disappear for virtually bubble-free mounting. This leads to faster set-up and smoother surfaces for cleaner print quality and higher productivity. Our History of Printing For decades, 3M products have been at work in paper mills and printing plants helping to improve the quality of finished work while improving production efficiency. From paper web splicing to plate mounting and packaging the finished job, you can rely on 3M for solutions and service throughout your printing operation.

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Adhesive Type Differential Acrylate
Air Release Yes
Application Thickness (Metric) 0.5 Millimetre
Applications Flexographic Plate Mounting
Backing Material Polyethylene Foam
Backing Thickness (metric) 0.559 Millimetre
Brendovi Cushion-Mount™
Composite Sleeves No
Industries Print
Overall Length (Metric) 22.86 Meter
Overall Width (Metric) 457.2 Millimeter
Primary Liner Polycoated Polyester
Primary Liner Thickness (Metric) 0.11 Millimetre
Print Quality Combination Printing - Light
Print Quality (Series) 12 Series
Product Colour Orange
Product Form Roll
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (metric) 0.56 Millimetre
Units per Case 1.0
Urethane Sleeves Yes
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